Ana: Westchester domestic workers struggle with life lived between very different worlds.

Directed by Jessica Kingdon

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  • Emilia

    A truly honest portrayal of an under-represented, if not unrepresented, demographic in our society. This short definitely deserves to win.

  • Brian

    very very moving

  • Deidre

    I hope a lot of people see this film. It’s important. All my grandparents came from other countries. It’s so easy to criticize others when they don’t speak English. Thanks for showing everyone how really hard it is to be an immigrant in America.

  • linda Viertel

    This film was not only honest and moving but I hope it can be used to build awareness in the Village of Sleepy Hollow – to bring the multi-faceted, rich and hard-working Hispanic community into the full life of the village and the region.

  • David Merian

    Thank you for making this movie. I enjoyed the compelling story and its politics.

    It won my vote.

  • Mariana Boneo

    Nothing is more powerful than the personal stories. These stories give a meaning to statistics and policies. Congratulations to all the women and to Ana for putting soul in her work. Bravo!

  • lorraine marden

    Thank you for this work.

  • Norma Pereira-Mora

    This documentary shares a few important piece of the immigrants. The perseverance, the honesty and positive of each individual is what going to help to overcome our stragles in life. To the moms and families, Ana, Jessica and God know how many people and effort was placed behin the scene. Gracias/Thank You. Peace,Love and CRI to all.

  • Evelyn Rivera

    Thank you so much for helping to spread the concerns and voices of the Sleepy Hollow Latino community. I am a teacher in this town and have great respect for our families and watching them speak so frankly brought tears to my eyes. Abrazos a todas!

  • Manuel Hernandez

    Heartbreaking and compelling! I was born and raised in Sleepy Hollow, New York. My parents came from Puerto Rico, and my recently passed away father married and brought up a family there from 1962-1974. He worked at General Motors for fifteen years and in 1974 brought his family back to “La Isla”.
    We had an advantage (American citizenship) but the working conditions at the autombile plant were insane, so much that his asthma almost cut short his walk upon earth.
    I have always loved and cherished memories from my hometown, and I knew that this was the “other side” of the Sleepy Hollow experience, but this short documentary has awakened a desire to help and give back. I would love to be part of what you are doing!
    Much success! Manuel Hernandez Carmona

  • Madeline S.

    These inspiring women are an example of why we should continue to support this wonderful community. As teacher in Sleepy Hollow, I am proud to work with these amazing families and vow to help them with their struggle to make their dreams a reality ! Thanks for sharing their stories ! Gracias a todos ustedes !

  • Jane Austen

    Esta semana ha sido tan fácil eligir. Ana was the best film, hands down!I hope domestic workers get everything they deserve including respect, health care, a living wage, etc…

  • Nikki

    I like this short and I liked it when it was aired before. But I wonder why you air the same shorts over again, and not give new people a chance for a viewing of their work. Is it because there aren’t enough new short being submitted?

  • Rosanne

    This was the best out of the 3 films; however, my daughter cleans houses and we are born and raised in AMERICA. Nothing to be ashamed of. Also, I, as a mother, could not fathom that a woman would leave a 2 year old child and never send for him. I had no sympathy at all for this woman.

  • A

    I meant to vote for this film but accidentally clicked on another. This is a really good film. It would be great to see a longer version where you see more of what the women’s lives are like and learn more about their personal histories.

  • Bonnie

    Lol, framing/lighting D:

  • Bonnie

    omg, that’s north america for you. What I do not understand about the people in this film, is why they stay there, or why they left. To me this story was nothing and it was way too long without any depth. Please learn about white balance!

  • David S.

    The technical criticisms have their merit. And yes, it is quite long for a “short”. It could get many of the same points across with a bit less material.
    As someone in TV news once told me: “It’s terribly difficult to leave out things you know are good, but you have time restrictions and the audience’s attention span. It will have the same results with some editing. You and I know what we had to leave out; the audience will not.
    What they don’t see they won’t miss.
    BUT, it is a story many people in the U.S. should see. Many will even be moved by it; their eyes and minds opened. And that would be a start.

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