Almonds and Wine

Almonds and Wine: In this animated tale of an arranged marriage, a young couple flee the threat of war in Eastern Europe by establishing a new life together in Canada, handing down their traditions to the generations that follow.

Directed by Arnold Lipsey

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  • Ellie Moidel

    To be able to produce the history of European Jewry during the 20th century in just a few minutes is brilliant. The music suits this animation. Although the subject matter is sometimes sad, I always come away with a good feeling. Bravo! Ellie

  • miriam katin

    Wonderful artist, beautiful work.

  • Solomon

    A beautiful, melodic, optimistic perspective of the present, which places the past evils in the past, where they belong.

  • Rebecca Toledano

    Brilliant short film!

  • Aliza Spiro

    Absolutely lovely! It tugged at my heartstrings!

  • Dale Schwartz

    What an amazing tribute. I can watch it time and time again and get more enjoyment out of it each time. The visually delightful companion mural at Bathurst and Lawrence St. in Toronto duplicates the fantastic artistic creativity seen in this film. This film is going to win every award going!

  • Debra Way (British)

    I’ve watched this animated film 5 times but this time I really took in the story. It’s uplifting, colourful and keeps you interested, where as the other films were depressing and
    dull from being black & white. We have enough bad news every day and from the past. It’s good to look at the joys of life.

  • Alice Nagus

    Simply delightful.

  • Kathryn Polson Ferguson

    Historical account combined with music in animation concise and well executed!

    Mazal tov!

  • Véronique

    Kol Ha Kavod to the team! Dynamic and colourful. A never ending life story full of charm, melancoly and love. L’Haim!

  • Suzie Lyon

    It’s a laugh, cry, kvell, sing, be angry, be proud film all mixed together. A wonderful tribute to our history, and a beautiful gentle teaching tool too. A definite winner — and so deserving also of the permanent mural at Bathurst and Lawrence. It’s a gift.

  • Gordon Percy

    Dear Reel 13
    My daughter Gordon Percy is 45 Years old and would like to vote for Almonds and Wine for a Short.

    Love, Gordon

  • Cliff McDowell

    Love it.. brilliant, vibrant, true life, a wonderful gift!

  • Lorne Hanick

    Very clear! A lot of research went into this. The transition from the Old World to New York is brilliant.

  • Shanita

    A clear representation of the handing down of tradition and the proliferation of progeny. The animation was fun to watch and gave an uplifting feel.

  • Dan

    Why did you name the title “Almonds and Wine”?

  • Marlene Ackerman

    This was the BEST and most enjoyable short I have seen since I have been watching REEL 13. Absolutely amazing, and as another said how one can portray Jewish history in a few minutes is spectacular. I would love to see more work by this producer. Thank you for making it available to us!

  • barbara d

    that was a lovely story of our past generations!! very much enjoyed it

  • Shiela Bartell

    wonderful story of generations past and present,the future is yet to come.most enjoyable.great Feb1,2011

  • Marlene Kantor

    Thank you for this wonderful animation. It brought back beautiful memories of a life once lived through my wonderful parents.
    A pure delight.

  • Lilith


  • Tiby Eilen

    Agree that it was delightful showing the survival of the beauty and meaning of Judaism. Had a problem with the motivation of the Shoa as the urgency to leave for Canada. They escaped, but clearly their families were incinerated.

  • Marsha Ellias

    A poignant depiction of the subtle differences that evolved with each generation.
    The sorrows and joys of the Jewish people are beautifully illustrated. The feelings one comes away with are happiness and hope for the future.

  • Stephen Hoffman

    This was done with a lot of thought and good tast. Good luck to guy with your future endevers.

  • Tova Seelig

    I truly loved this work. it resonated very strongly with all that we have gone through and our hard work and committment. Congratulations on tnis masterpiece

  • Nahom Lieber

    Absolutely lovely, amazing how they put so many years of family life into such a short time. Loved every second and my feet tapping all the way through

  • Helene Plotkin

    What a marvelous video–A Canadian Fiddler on the Roof!

  • Don Mallow

    a machiah….

  • Barbie K

    Mazel Tov! Just love the yiddish keit. It reminds me of my childhood. Bring it on!

  • Pearl Dacks

    I just loved it…gave me goosebumps and tugged at my heartstrings! I am in Jamaica for the winter months…the Film was beautifully done and the ‘little’ Canadian/Toronto touches made me a homesick for ‘my’ lantzmen!!

  • Sheila L.

    Awesome! Makes me proud to be a Jew.

  • Jan Biber

    Delightful, but nnot too many of the next generation will be married under the Chupah

  • Sarah

    Beautiful and very entertaining short. But the song, the lyrics, have nothing to do with the couple escaping to Canada. This is just a made up story by the maker of the video, which is very cute just the same. The lyrics are about a mother going to market to buy a duck and brings the son home a young girl she found a long the way…….

  • Millie

    My grandparents were such a couple…an arranged marriage and escape to Canada… producing 6 daughters, 28 grandchildren and who knows how many great grandchildren… My maternal great grandparents, uncles and aunts remained in Poland were murdered by the Nazis.. Canada was great until the war… then what? We live in Israel now…That is the answer my fellow Jews… Thanks for the beautiful film.. Make the next one about Aliya to Israel.. Try it you’ll like it

  • Ella Wasserman Gaffen

    CHARMING! “A Mehayeh”

  • debbie goldsman

    wonderful. definitely something to share with the future generation.

  • Susan Schwartz

    As the name at the end of the short film:
    Zayer Shein!!!!

  • Preeva Adler Tramiel

    Very Nice! any relation to Stan Lipsey who was a madrich at Camp Naaleh?

  • Maurice Chayt

    Delightful. A romp through tradition in Yiddish.

  • sheila Kafka

    just lovely. thank you.

  • Samuel Kohn

    Had to watch, or actually listen, several times to the music. I have soloed this many times on my violin for various audiences with our group, but never heard it by any other group. Great!!! Thanks

  • sandy paller

    Delightful! Reminded me of traditions I had almost forgotten.

  • herman

    beautiful beyond words
    like a animated fiddler on the roof
    havent enjoyed anything more in years

  • Akerman Michel Netanya

    Very nice. They have now to choose the country of the Jews !

  • Tzvi Rotstein

    Very cute. My grand -folks landed up in South Africa But thank G-d we are all now in Israel. The only country that will look out for ,the Jew.

  • lila menowitz

    this is very emotional..very touching…it is us through the centuries now and forever

  • Faigle Rumstein

    Wonderful! Brought back fine and harsh memories, plus the joy of generation after generation of Yiddish heritage. Thanks.

  • marelene klotz

    Life comes full circle in this wondeful animated film. It shows
    and reveals the value of tradition.

  • E and S Milch

    Our grandson will marry soon to a lovely Totonto woman; how touching for us to view this in sunny Florida prior to our first trip to Toronto!! Precious depictions of a precious life!!

  • Helene Harris

    Extremely enjoyable and well done. I surprised myself by being able to remember the Yiddish of my childhood. I couldn’t catch all of it, but did get the gist of the song. Thank you.

  • Howard Shapiro

    Yiddish toe-tapping …brought me back to Maxwell Street, Chgo.
    Mit glick!
    howard shapito

  • howard

    Title is wrong!
    It should be RAISINS and ALMONDS



  • MOnica Ribald

    LOved the yiddishkeit in the beginning scenes. One can see the assimilation creep into the later portions. Overall very pleasant to watch.

  • MOnica Ribald

    Early portion very haimish and heartwarming. Sad to see the assimilation creep into the later part of the film with the mixed dancing,Sunday schools no more Day School etc.

  • Philip

    Absolutly marvelous.


    Beautiful –yashe coach!!

  • Jack Klein

    brings back beautiful memories,love the Klezmer. a gezunt on der.

  • Desiree Blumenthal

    I really enjoyed….took me back to my family origins
    brings back wonderful memories

  • Ellie Joseph

    Beautifully done and it was wonderful to hear Yiddish spoken again.

  • Richard Black

    Wonderful, Joyful The setting in Toronto, while cartoonish, is just like where I lived while going to school in the 1950s

  • Вячеслав-из Душанбе

    ВеликоЛЕПИЕ !

  • Rueben Borrah ben Moshe

    This was the history of my family and it is a “shanda” we have distanced ourselves from our roots.

  • Dan Mackey

    I am not Jewish myself but have had the good fortune to know many Jewish people near Chicago and perform for a few weddings over the years. I have nothing but a strong respect for their tradition and the quality of people they are. It is sad that there has been so much tribulation in their culture over the years.

  • Мира

    много выдумано. Например, то что мальчики и девочки учатся вмсте.



  • Sylvia Elbaz

    I tried to think it was silly, but I was crying real tears. It’s truly beautiful and beautifully true.

  • Mendy

    By the end, the men and women were dancing together–in violation of Jewish law and tradition–which inevitably leads to premarital sex. Next they will go to college and learn real facts, like the 13-billion-year-old universe, evolution and descent from apes, no Adam and Eve, etc., and our tradition will go “poof.” A nice piece of nostalgia for a doomed tradition.

  • Edmond

    Tel-Aviv 04-05-2011
    Court metrage sympa, le cycle de la vie demeure inchange et il est anime d’une maniere a la fois infantine et amusante

  • Zalman Kanter – N Y

    This is russia. Prekrasnaya mul’tiplikatsiya.
    Zakhvatyvayuschiye syuzhety. Nastoyaschaya
    yevreyskaya muzyka! Nado perevesti dlya
    russkoyzychnogo zritelya, u kotorogo takzhe
    sokhranilos’ ponimaniye idysha. Thahk you.

  • arie yass[Israel]

    Very nice work. Liked it.

  • Lori Boelig

    L’dor V’Dor

  • Ruth Leiner

    Love this short and sent it to my friends. Florida says thanks for the memories

  • Shlomi

    Very interesting to see our Jewish evoloution so to say. My father was from Breslau and I am first generation American. It really sums up the “how we ended up here” feeling as we look back from North America in general. Well done. Kol HaKavod. HayaLanu Nieem lihestakel.

  • bobbi suib

    this reminds me of Fiddler on the Roof. my children are passing it on to their children and so goes our history. May it go on forever.

  • Rosa Duek

    Lindo!Gostei demais . Me lembra minhas origens e me leva de volta para meus queridos avós, que tnato amei bem como à toda a família pois nos repassa em poucos minutos toda a nossa herança! Parabéns. Mazal Tov pela inspiração!

  • Bert Krakover Carlson

    Thank you Grandpop on father’s side and greatgrandfather on my mother’s side. Russia and Hungary respectively. It is our stories.


    well done.

  • rose schonberger

    just wonderful.

  • rhona jacobs

    wonderful animation and so lovely to see and listen to the Yiddish thank you

  • Gary Beren

    This was a wonderful story that most viewer’s can relate too.

  • malka grant

    Love to hear the yiddish words- loved the music too. keep sending me . thank you!!! Todah!!!

  • malka grant

    Love to hear the Yiddish music and yiddish words. Thank you!!!!!

  • irene brenner

    Absolutely wonderful to watch and listen to. Thanx.

  • sheila & Malcolm

    This was wonderful, it does bring up memories as I grew up in the Lower East Side

    Thank You

  • צדוק דנגורי

    מזכיר את הגרינע , נהנתי

  • Jane

    This is so delightful. You did a mitzvah!

  • herbert

    the movie does not only show the peroid and changes they went through but also the assimilation of clothes, doing away with kipa and head covering and part of religeous and culture life.
    It would be interesting and also disappointing what remains of Jewish life of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation.



  • Sophie Persa

    if you really want tradition travels anywhere. Real cute!

  • gilda

    realmente hermoso, soy de buenos aires argentina

  • Roberto

    Sencillamente extraordinario.
    Magnifica idea y muy bien desarrollada-

  • Brocha Leah

    How many more Jewish weddings are we going to see in the future????

  • Sonja Joy

    Excellent – I was married like that. What wonderful memories…………wonderful art work and animation.

  • Karen

    I love it, I’m kvelling! LOL

  • jerry s

    just think how much more Canadian culture,along with its benefits , could have been enhanced had all the jewish refugees in 1939/40 been allowed into this great country

  • elizabeth jassem

    Such wonderful, pleasant concept and production. Congratulations! Thank you.

  • mel schumacher`

    Outstanding reproduction of the events as told to me by my European parents. I am giong to send this to ALL my mail friends-Jewish or NOT. They know the background history as we discussed it many times in our conversations.

  • charles nadel

    Our history…some traditions continue…much forgotten.

  • etelle g. wachs

    when a child, i would ask my father to tell me
    stories (emigrated to america in 1917),,,,,,,,his
    eyes would well up with tears……..and he’d smile
    …….”america is the best place in the world” !!!

  • Rhea Eisman

    A charming and beautiful movie. Brought a lump up.

  • Lea Colley Perez

    Very moving. I can relate to these traditions

  • Ruchel Leah Markowicz

    Moved to tears.My Grandfather & two brothers left Mlava, during the Pogram of 1909.They started a new life in Detroit. I have 22 first cousins, and 45 in all. The remaining 10 children vanished during WWII. This production is so beautiful! I am passing it to everyone I know. Love it! Thank you. Mazel Tov.


    Very real.Care about assimilation

  • JUDI


  • Helen Lyon

    Have seen this several times and I never get tired
    of watching it over and over again. Beautiful.

  • sam bratter

    I adore this. thank you so much- it should be shown in every hebrew school. Bravo!!

  • Brad C

    very well done, yasher koach.

  • JB

    I loved it and will save it with other videos!

  • Vienna938

    If we want tradition to return into our lives, we must simply try to live it! It just might if we send our children to Jewish Day school. The right environment will produce fantastic benefits!It should not be denied to our future generations.

  • bilinday

    I’m not very religious (to say the least). But I’m so proud of my heritage, the strength, perseverance & courage of my forebearers, and what the Jewish people have contributed to society through the many years.

    Maybe this is why this wonderful (and historical) video literally brought tears to my eyes!

  • miriam chaikin

    heartwarming, charming and an artistic triumph.

  • suzanne COHEN

    5 minutes de régal pour les yeux et les oreilles

  • jack CIBRE


  • Susan Tauber

    An amazing encapsulation of so much history in one short film! It shows the importance and the challenges of holding tight to the chain forged by past generations, to keep the religiosity as well as the traditions. It also displays the important teaching, “Serve G-d with joy!” Quite an achievement!

  • Esther G. Feuer

    A lovely musical romantic nostalgic backward glance at a very rich religiously observant yet economical and difficult social time to be a Jew. We are blessed to live in a time when we have the freedom to practice our rich traditions, yet they are practiced by a minority of world jewry. I love watching films and listening to klezmer music. I enjoy the richness of observing and practicing our traditions more.

  • Tsivia Tova

    My original thought was “charming and delightfully presented”—but someone beat me to it by saying it’s supposed to be “RAISINS & ALMONDS” (Rozinkes mit Mandlen) ‘s WONDERFUL, regardless!!

  • Miriam Steinhouse

    Wonderful depiction of the family history common to so many of us

  • Cacho

    Muy buena la versión,es similar al violinista sobre el tejado,y me hace recordar a la canción Esto es America,cantada po Moishe Oisher.

  • Vicki Samuels


  • Annie

    An amazing movie to be seen over and over again.
    As Vicky said:DELIGHTFUL.

  • hugh sanders

    loved the music, good story but SARAH picky picky picky

  • Ellen Muraskin

    In the way it captures so much essence in such a fleeting stream of color, it reminds me of the wonderful opening of UP, where a 20+-year loving marriage and loss is captured in five minutes. Yashir Koach, Canada! — Jersey Jew

  • Michele

    This was so whimsical and light hearted. I’m so glad my Canadian cousin shared this. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

  • Bijoou

    Amazing!Delightful!Gave me chills. Bravo to all involved!

  • Linda Captan

    I see the generations of my own family…so wonderfully done. I am touched.

  • Faye Krasow Rimon

    What a lovely creation. Full of life, color, feeling and so dynamic…Sorry my late parents and relatives who have similar stories to tell can’t see this but they are no longer with us. As we say in Hebrew, “Kol Ha’kavod!!!”

  • Lil Sherman

    WOW! This reminds me of how I cherish my European “roots” and all that came after.. and will continue forward!

  • miriam chaikin

    i love this little film – a little too quick transition to the new world – but a jewish gem – music, art, story –

  • shoshana keren

    אהבתי את הסרטון האייכותי ,אשר ריגש אותי בזכות שורשי היהודיים.א

  • Carol Segal

    Exceptionally well-done, taking a sad situation, and showing us there is always hope for the future

  • moriah

    And when do they all make Aliyah?

  • miriam chaikin

    oy – iz duhs a short. i watch it again and again. how the artists manage to project the feeling of happiness – a marvel.

  • Jacobo Veinbergs

    Excellent story and music! Please post more!
    Thank you

  • Shelly Glazier

    I watched this and cried. It was so simple, yet so powerful and beautiful. Thank you for creating such an important message.