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  • An impressionistic exploration of the impact that isolation can have on one’s imagination.
  • The inspiring story of the newly rediscovered Universal Togetherness Band, whose music “explored permutations of soul, jazz-fusion, new wave, and disco” during the early 1980s.
  • Through The Waste Management Education Project the youth of Kampala, Uganda, learn about ways of creatively handling waste.
  • Lars falls in love with someone’s photos and tries to find the photographer by following clues from those stills.
  • A man tries to remember how to live again after an unexpected breakup sends him into a downward spiral.
  • A widower and his anthropomorphized heart cook up a scheme to resuscitate a departed wife...
  • A disembodied voice delivers confounding instructions that may help a man cope with a major loss...
  • A brief snapshot of a young woman’s unusual relationship with an incarcerated man...
  • When what is you see is not what you get...
  • An intimate look inside someone living a lie.
  • When a young man finds his apartment in disarray, he slowly uncovers a sinister presence.
  • A poetic meditation on the power of love...
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