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  • An experimental short that examines the concept of audience.
  • This off-brand comedy peeks into the disturbed mind of a young television salesman trying to continue his father’s legacy.
  • Adapted from a short diary entry by Franz Kafka, the film exposes the psychological masks its narrator wears to cope with the world around him.
  • Objects take on a life of their own to disrupt a woman’s morning routine.
  • When an eccentric inventor realizes he’s not a perfect father, he decides to make one.
  • An exploration of Cuban sounds and landscapes through a rotoscope animation.
  • When a young woman’s friends leave her house, she’s compelled to play Ouija by herself...
  • Human hearing is so limited that most sounds around us go unnoticed. This short explores what happens when those sounds reveal themselves.
  • Regret changes everything. A young woman wakes in the night to find something unexpected in her yard.
  • A commitment-phobe looks back on the loves he left behind during a first date with the one he believes to be his soulmate.
  • As his Alzheimer's progresses, Greg O'Brien prepares to sell his family home.
  • A young employee experiences an anxiety attack during a company presentation.
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