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  • A woman tries to begin life anew after a life-changing event.
  • An aspiring pilot in a dead-end job runs into a motivational speaker with a scheme to knock him out of his funk.
  • The character of Alice from Lewis Carroll's “Through the Looking-Glass” is transported to contemporary Toronto in this stop-motion animation.
  • A short film about a little evergreen tree that experiences the greatest joys of the holiday season in unexpected ways.
  • Humans and animals come together to take advantage of poor Patsy the Snowman.
  • One couple’s fight against garbage in their woodland home.
  • An inventor’s time traveling device malfunctions, resulting in a chaotic journey as he tries to get back home.
  • Depressed and bored, a young girl finds a way to be happy in a dangerous situation.
  • Affectionately crowned the “paddleball king” by friends, Amnon has slowly turned his small home into a unique museum dedicated to his favorite sport.
  • Questioning what it means to be a “real artist,” this short highlights the musings of artist Bill Curran.
  • An experimental short that examines the concept of audience.
  • This off-brand comedy peeks into the disturbed mind of a young television salesman trying to continue his father’s legacy.
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