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  • A trumpet player suffers numerous humiliations on the way to personal redemption in this NYC short.
  • Enamored by a woman he sees in the park, a boy finds himself in the throes of puppy love.
  • Love at first sight is more than a fantasy in this French short.
  • Japanese cuisine is brought to life in this stop-motion film.
  • A child’s ride home is anything but ordinary in this imaginative short film.
  • The boundaries of cinema and reality are blurred in one continuous tracking shot.
  • A young huntress develops an unlikely relationship with her prey in this picturesque animated short.
  • A man questions his sanity when he finds himself caught in an endless loop of action and reaction.
  • Animal documentaries travel to the future (with a little help from Mozart).
  • A young boy adjusts to his new life in the wake of a tragedy.
  • Ballerinas and their dedicated cobblers are studied in this Scottish Documentary Institute short.
  • Gotham’s newest citizens connect with their adopted home - and each other.
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