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  • A father faces challenges as he attempts to make it home for his daughter's birthday.
  • They say we can be our own worst enemy – perhaps it’s true…!
  • Images combine to explore life's many points of view.
  • This is a student project directed by Satoshi Norikane at the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. This is a short film about a baby.
  • Images and music detail the excitement and responsibilities of life as a student in New York City.
  • A street juggler's greed is tested. Directed by Suresh Padmaraj
  • NYC's residents participate with viral bartering in this mock news story. Directed by Michael Kasino
  • Who knew there were so many reasons to despise flora? Directed by Morgan Miller
  • A French-Canadian father's worst nightmare comes to life. Directed by Fabien Melanson
  • A modern executioner loses his appetite. Directed by Leon Rechy
  • A cube shaped man breaks free. Directed by Or Bar-el
  • A man drives home after some regretful decisions in this 1950’s set drama. Directed by Simen Gjersvold
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