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  • A short romantic comedy that follows the mishaps of one couple’s evening out.
  • A lonely old man comes across his father’s radio, which brings back to life a cherished memory from his youth.
  • A young man is caught in an endless cycle of running away from, yet also toward some mysterious letters that he cannot avoid.
  • In this action-packed animated film, two villains butt heads while trying to figure out who should be scheduled to cause disorder.
  • The private thoughts of a funeral director who confronts death daily...
  • A science fiction drama about a man who must choose between exploring the universe and living on Earth.
  • A man’s poignant meditation on the experience of loneliness in his later years.
  • A man puts on a pair of unusual running shoes that alter the cycle of night and day.
  • At night, a young man feels a pull to leave his home and run.
  • When some runners train, they actually use one...
  • An animated film noir about the uneasy interplay between love and violence.
  • The story of a family owned drive-in theater, located in upstate New York, caught at a point when it must either upgrade to digital projection or "go dark."
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