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  • An exploration of the long term effects of grief brought about after losing a loved one.
  • An emotionally unstable lesbian couple tries to find solace after experiencing a traumatic loss.
  • Two young artists explore the concept of love.
  • A couple tries to solve their relationship problems by using a device that allows them to watch each other’s dreams.
  • Androids from the far future attempt to demonstrate what makes a good romance movie.
  • In 1963 Robert Reeder (Dante Basco) is sent on one of the most important space missions of all time.
  • Meet Pearl Janine Sleckman: a boat captain, skydiver, and dog lover revisiting key times from her life.
  • A no budget short film about trying to make a no budget short film.
  • Ever feel like you're being watched? Jon does. Is it simply paranoia or something more?
  • A children’s game becomes a metaphor for the ongoing fight against hunger.
  • A romantic-comedy about Joseph, a guy in his middle 20’s whose life is nothing but full from a boring routine, until the day he meets Maya, then everything changes for him. Joseph wasn’t looking for love, love was looking for Joseph.
  • A scorned lover plots for an evening of revenge.
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