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  • A Jewish girl and a Palestinian guy celebrate their wedding day amid prejudice, love, and kosher crispy duck pancakes.
  • Images abound as a young woman shares her personal experience of love.
  • Belle and Handsome play their roles perfectly in this fairy tale with a French twist.
  • It's hard for a romance to work when one person looks back while the other moves forward.
  • Even twinkling stars need a little help from their friends.
  • This Japanese "short-story" is revealed through a series of moving images.
  • A pretty girl truly IS like a melody, especially on the streets of Paris.
  • This stop-motion animation is a trip unto itself.
  • An old home tells stories of the people that once lived within its walls.
  • One man's struggle with addiction and redemption, told through a combination of animation and live action.
  • As a father and son explore the forest, their day turns into more than just a "walk in the park."
  • An ex-Soviet spy is lead to the realization that destiny is beyond human control.
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