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  • A poetic essay expresses a woman's hope and terror as she comes of age in New York City.
  • An 88 year old man explains his daily life and philosophy.
  • A Catholic school lunch becomes decidedly unorthodox when a student substitutes a communion wafer for her PB&J.
  • Young security guards have a lot to learn from an old man in a historic building.
  • A Coney Island carnival worker is about to make it big... just ask him!
  • Sensations of falling through space - and in love - are explored through a series of interviews and images.
  • Childhood memories are expressed in poetic images as a woman remembers life after moving to Brooklyn.
  • Shot in 16 mm, this classic tale of crime and punishment underscores the eternal quest for slapstick justice. Original score by Kevin F. Story.
  • REPLAY is Reynier Molenaar's international award-winning short film about a free-runner who has exactly 4 minutes to catch a mysterious thief.
  • The final film in the outrageous "12 Films 12 Weeks" project. Directed and Edited by Keith Boynton. Written by Dylan Bandy, Keith Boynton, and Mike Lavoie.
  • A man wears a seersucker suit all of the time.
  • Dreams and nightmares overlap as a man's reach for the truth exceeds his grasp of reality.
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