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  • Drawing from his own life, director Sean Christensen crafts an intimate and artistic look into his past.
  • An animated meditation on the destruction of nature by human beings.
  • Featuring archival films from the 1940s and a poem by Carmela Tal Baron, "Don't Ask" addresses the dichotomy between the way we are perceived versus who we are.
  • Filmmaker Kalim Armstrong documents DKNY’s “orange bike” guerrilla marketing campaign, which created a massive backlash during Fashion Week 2008.
  • With a flock of over 500 birds, ex-con Black and his friend Everlast raise pigeons on a Harlem rooftop.
  • Iva documents her long-awaited - and too brief - family reunion.
  • A clay-mation film about growing up.
  • Mean girls, cruel boys and disco? It's all in a day when you're 13.
  • For all their powers, New York superheroes aren't exempt from noisy neighbors, out-of-date dairy products, and relationship drama.
  • A man hopelessly tries to save a relationship with a girl who has fallen in love with someone else.
  • Everything changes when Grandpa Sal receives devastating news, but then his seven-year-old granddaughter turns it into spiritual strength and hope.
  • A Marilyn Monroe impersonator comes face to face with her stalker.
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