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  • Post-Apocalyptic living sparks questions about existence, peace and the future.
  • A tie collector explains the history of his massive collection and his relationship to some of his most treasured pieces.
  • A film lover brings a motion picture camera into the spotlight and explores the origins of the cinematic art.
  • Three very different athletes explore movement and their own bodies through dance.
  • An unsuspecting thief discovers that handcuffs are nothing against the skills of his magician hostage.
  • Five clones are forced to come to terms with the new reality that they might be losing their place in society.
  • A group of abandoned shopping carts seek revenge against the customer who abandoned them.
  • A romantic encounter between two snails turns out to be an ill-fated affair.
  • A young man is scorned by his lover and wanders the streets of New York City looking for hope.
  • A man pushes the limits of his wind-up heart to spend more time with his love, only to discover that there are consequences.
  • A bewildered young man's consciousness unravels in front of the camera.
  • A young man searches for the most important thing he will ever lose.
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