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  • A woman’s imagination is set in motion by her breakup breakfast.
  • A man schemes to finally escape the dreaded friend zone in this humorously narrated short.
  • Flirtation requires some extra determination to be successful.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is presented in all its glory, from day to night.
  • A young must make tough decisions in order to avoid incarceration.
  • The dream of romantic success forces a man to take matters into his own hands.
  • A deluded man hopes to spread the punk movement.
  • An evil scientist attempts to bring his experiment to life.
  • A father faces challenges as he attempts to make it home for his daughter's birthday.
  • A man’s slightly neurotic inner-monologue leads him to take a chance on love in a coffee shop.
  • They say we can be our own worst enemy – perhaps it’s true…!
  • Ripped out of context, one spoken sentence evolves through centuries.
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