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  • Songwriter Christine Lavin sets her lyrics to a series of floral images.
  • Life-lessons come from an unusual source in this lively animation.
  • A security guard and a janitor square-off in a late-night showdown.
  • A grumpy tiger and his adventurous turtle friend get into trouble in their backyard.
  • Buck lives an actio-packed life, considering he has the head of a deer.
  • A little girl strives to modernize Christmas morning.
  • History blends with today in modern Turkey.
  • An old man's actions bring police attention.
  • Music brings New York City to life in this original piece.
  • A hot summer Brazilian day comes to life with music.
  • A homeless man has a high-tech reunion with his family.
  • Two young sisters take to the wilderness to escape trouble at home.
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