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  • A portrait of one man's ritual escape into the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay and the art that is influenced by his meditative experience.
  • Coming from a small farming town in the Midwest, struggling as a bike messenger, Nathan has an antidote to New York's sirens, garbage trucks and drills.
  • An elderly man takes a unique approach to his daily chores.
  • An angry young British man is faced with a thoroughly modern dilemma.
  • A small bunny in a big city looks for love in the wrong place.
  • Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in a mental institution for years.
  • A young couple faces temptation and disappointment after a museum visit.
  • A man's daily routine may not be all that it seems.
  • An experimental mood piece on loneliness in the city.
  • A day in the life of Danny, a high school hockey defenseman: school, girls, and a legendary next-door neighbor.
  • A local elementary school teacher and his students perform complex percussion pieces.
  • An elderly Brooklyn man struggles as an umbrella street salesman during a drought.
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