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  • Dreams and reality collide after a couple’s late night out.
  • The telephone communicates fear after Dad leaves for work.
  • A delivery man’s day takes an unexpected turn when he enters an elevator.
  • Even hit men need to take a break and enjoy a candlelit meal once in a while.
  • A gust of wind sends a lonely bookmark on an unexpected journey.
  • A man is thrust into different worlds, thereby discovering the artificiality of his own existence.
  • A brilliant scientist travels through various dimensions in search of his lost love.
  • A popular clown duo's marriage unravels moments before their show starts.
  • An enamored hamster fights off evil demons in this musical tale of unrequited love.
  • Reverie tells the story of a little girl who's sitting bored in a car and waiting for her mother to finish shopping in a supermarket.
  • This is a story of an adorable snowman, wandering alone in the arctic wastes…
  • Frustrated by trash not being disposed of properly, a man takes matters into his own hands.
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