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  • Patience pays off for a colorful couple.
  • A young boy is entertained by an uplifting magic performance.
  • Memories comfort and confuse a lost soldier.
  • Lines converge with music in this innovative short.
  • A girl who thinks she’s the biggest person in the world learns to finally accept herself for what she really is. Small.
  • A little girl spends her evenings in front of a TV to forget about the problems around her.
  • A hapless baker finds the key to his cake’s success is all in the delivery.
  • A man flagrantly tempts fate as he eats noodles on a fire escape – in nothing but his underwear.
  • Immigrant chef Sam Lau shows artistic skills, but high expectations and low prices make for difficult business.
  • A look into the conscious mind of an alcoholic before he decides whether or not to take his next drink.
  • A romance about time, inevitability, and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Move over G.I. Joe, there is a new toy in town.
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