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  • A comedic conversation at Heaven’s threshold.
  • Told against the backdrop of Calais' infamous Jungle refugee camp and surrounding areas, this is the story of Talal, who journeys from Kuwait in search of a country that will offer safe haven for him and his family.
  • A film noir split screen palindrome about treacherous lovers.
  • In a society where physical contact is prohibited, one girl defies the law in search of human connection.
  • A short study of practical effects, utilizing rare earth metals, an oil developed by NASA, and time-lapse photography.
  • The quiet story of a baker and his quest to define what paradise means to him.
  • Neil awakens to a low, unearthly rumbling, which slowly erupts into a transformative sci-fi event.
  • A touching story about the resilience of love over a lifetime and beyond death...
  • A portrait of 3-year old Mao Mao, who spends her nights on a bridge where her mother takes photos of tourists.
  • The story of David "Gone" Brault, a 23-year-old college student who lives at the abandoned Damen Silos in Chicago by choice, hoping to teach people how to live in the post-apocalypse.
  • Household chores take on epic proportions in this quotidian comic drama.
  • A poetic portrait of a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright house, captured on the eve of being dismantled.
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