More Than Words

A child’s ride home is anything but ordinary in this imaginative short film.

Directed by Andrea Giacomini

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  • danamelaina

    Love the realization of the parents have that their daughter has a different way of communicating to the world, and just because it is not their way, it is still beautiful and has value

  • yo gurt

    awesome short film. very many congrats to all involved.

  • Christine

    Voted! Good luck!

  • MadisonAndSunset

    A brilliant short film about breaking status quo and pushing for a better world. Excellent directing by Giacomini and thoughtful acting by Jeffrey Scott.

  • Joey Lman

    This is an awesome film, the story and the cinematography and special integration of mixed media ! I really enjoyed watching it and it would be great to share with a TV audience.

  • Jen

    Elise Luthman is amazing!