A good man’s work is never done.

Directed by Benoît Monney & Sami Khadraoui

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  • Nikki Harmon

    Excellent short! But I wondered why he always seemed a little put out each time he helps someone, if helping someone was what he did every day. Is it that he was becoming bored with helping?

    • Benoît Monney

      Hello there. Cheers for your comment. Melvin is happy to help but he is not really good at it. I mean he does not always achieve what he wants to do (the broken car), he forgets some of the tasks (with the old lady) and he falls in the water. That is why he seems a little put out, he isn’t always sure what he has to do or how he has to do it.

      • Nikki Harmon

        Hi Benoit – thanks for getting back to me. I hadn’t looked at it that way, but now I understand. Thanks again!

  • Raphael Bonacchi

    Good job guys ! =)

    • Benoît Monney


    • Sami Khadraoui

      Thanks mate!

  • Auprince Muriel

    II like a lot this short movie…
    It’s true …when you give your time for others….you
    become very happy!!!
    Thank you for this message of ‘sharing’…
    Good work Benoit and Sami
    Muriel Auprince

    • Benoît Monney

      Merci Muriel

      • Sami Khadraoui

        Thanks Muriel! Happy that you liked it!

  • Guest

    Super court . Il sera sur la chaine new yorkause. Bravo!
    Marie Claude Perret

  • Marie Claude Perret

    Super Court. Il ira loin et bientôt sur la chaîne new yorkaise. Bravo à tous les deux.
    Marie Claude Perret

    • Benoît Monney

      Merci beaucoup Marie-Claude

  • Benjamin Arnold

    Love it! Loved to watch it! Couldn’t stop myself from watching it again right away!

    Keep it up guys!

    • Sami Khadraoui

      Thanks Ben!

    • Benoît Monney


  • g10lafleur

    beautiful short

    • Benoît Monney


  • Eric

    Fantastic short film. The images are beautiful, and speak for themselves.

    It’s clever, it’s deeply moving, and it’s simply magical.

    A fresh and new vision of the Guardian Angel.
    Congratulations, guys. You’ll go far with this one!

    • Benoît Monney

      Cheers Eric

  • Irene Pomianowski

    Ahh….where is Melvin when I need him!

    • Benoît Monney

      not far

  • Michael Manese

    Congratulations! – MM (writer/director “When bart6874 met lulu5547”)

    • Maxime Raymond

      Cheers Michael ! Nice job too :)

    • Benoît Monney


  • Bernard Ch. Gobet

    Salut Benoît,
    Je l’avais déjà vu mais je l’ai regardé à nouveau avec le même plaisir et je te souhaite de gagner à New-York!

    • Benoît Monney

      Merci Bernard. Le film a été diffusé samedi dernier à NY. Merci pour ton soutien.