Kite Falling

A beloved childhood memory becomes a casualty of war.

Directed by Nicholas Spadaro

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  • Jim Fryer

    Absolutely no doubt of whom to vote for. Storyline and production values hands down best of them all. Nice job.

  • Karen Howie

    I love this movie, it makes your heart race with anticipation of what is going to happen but yet I cried at the end. It is a perfect example of how no words being spoken actually speaks volumes.

  • Lynn Baker

    This is a riveting film with deep messages…very interesting and thought provoking!

  • Frank Tarbell

    Absolutely a very professional effort. Picks up the viewer at the beginning and carries him or her thru an emotional experience – almost leaves one in tears at the end. Well done and keep up the good work !!!!

  • Jason Paden

    Excellent. My hat is off to all of those involved in its production – especially Amy Wexler.