Full Moon Silhouettes

Real-time video captures the moon’s rising in Wellington, New Zealand.

Directed by Mark Gee

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  • Christine Lavin

    I think if Mother Earth made a time capsule, she’d put this film in it.

  • Bonnie Lacrosse

    I enjoy the way the people are only seen in silhouette, it gives me the feeling that they could be all of us, it reminds me that we are all part of something beautiful

  • Anoop Warrier

    Marvellous Mark! Mother nature is so lovely and you are so lucky to capture a moment in her life! Wish you all the very best!

  • Jean Wills

    Great to see, wish I could experience this at close quarters

  • Duco Delgorge

    I loved Full Moon Silhouettes. Moon, music, and people…enjoying the beauty of the moment…the beauty of life.

  • Ken Burns

    Excellent cinematography and soundtrack.It captures a beautiful cosmic moment in time. Very well done Mark!

  • ekoprast

    moonrise, is a very beautiful romantic moment

  • Charlotte CowgirlChuck Butler

    This is the most amazing piece of film i have seen in a long time! Fantastic imagry and wonderful choice of music.

  • Nikki Harmon

    Lovely image, and a nice score.

  • rowena ranoco

    the beauty of nature captured by imagery and sound, marvelled by humankind

  • Debbie Harden

    So very artistic and clever. A real awe inspiring moment captured forever. Great work, Love it.

  • Cindra Simpson


  • Alejandra Fleischer

    fantastic,universal,popular,artistic;arrived to all hearts in this conflictive world…Congratulations

  • Terence Stone

    Perhaps strangely, this incredibly beautiful moon rising had me thinking about the beauty of Earth from space–the earth we are destroying. Thank goodness we’ll be extinct before we colonize the moon.

  • stephanie

    I absolutely loved this short. i’m always trying to get shots like that one but am not knowledgeable to get one as great as this. But, I keep trying.

  • Friendship04547

    This was a fabulous short. Perfectly simple!