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  • This week's Reel 13 Shorts has been preempted for THIRTEEN Pledge Programming.
  • A poetic vision of the water cycle, as seen by a young boy.
  • Waiting can be hard.
  • A young woman with unique abilities and her enigmatic care taker await a long expected call. However his agenda may divided them forever.
  • A moment is a short, unfixed length of time. Minutes are fix units which measure time---This film shows a moment of my life. Every. Single. Morning.
  • A young man attempts to unravel the mysteries that have led him to an otherworldly place.
  • A flight of imagination eases a boy’s sadness...
  • An inspirational film about the evolving legacy of feminism.
  • A scorned lover plots for an evening of revenge.
  • When a young damsel's dinner is stolen by the infamous Pizza Burglar, Karate Tortoise comes to the rescue!
  • A comedic short about a vacuum that comes to life.
  • A woman tries to begin life anew after a life-changing event.
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