Troubled Water

Troubled Water (2008): Jan is released from prison and moves on with his life, but must face one final encounter with his troubled past.

Directed by Erik Poppe

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  • Richard Hershner

    Hauntingly beautiful and moving film. Many thanks for your choice of this film for Easter eve. Terrific performances and riveting sequencing. And, the sublime and powerful organ playing brought it all to a crescendo over and over again.

  • Sigmund Shen

    Like Richard said, thank you for showing this. Its theme of forgiveness is powerful and the characters are all amazing. I also love how the movie is about imperfect people who are doing their best.

  • Kathryn Byrne Clifford

    A tragic and pain filled tale, unforgettably told with little embellishment by a superior cast. In my humble opionion, Oscar worthy.