The Unidentified

The Unidentified (2008): Estlin is a passionate young journalist trying to find his way in New York City, when he falls in love with Sophie, an elusive artist with an optimistic view on life.

Directed by Kevan Tucker

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  • Jane Austen

    The description for this film leads me to hope that it better be VERY well done because it sounds so cliche. Doesn’t anyone outside of New York City make films? Passionate young journalist and optimistic artist sounds a little Polly-Anna, stereotypical and oh-so-Indie. We need some Indie film makers to break out of this New York box, please!

  • Mike Vureke

    I imagine it’s interesting to 13-14 yr old girls.

  • James

    I’ve seen it. It’s great. I found it informative as well. I felt more connected to the Brooklyn scene than I have in years. Don’t judge until you see.

  • Arnaud Shmelo

    the film reminds me of goddard’s testicles of the weary. anyhoo, as a “public television station” pbs is actual corporate shill. everybody- go to world link tv. what pbs does is represent the interests of the wealthy under the guise of serving the public. seriously.

  • erwin

    last week’s indie was fabulous i hope this one is at least half as good.

  • DrWh0

    I watched this film last night, and was absolutely riveted. I loved the film’s exploration of truth, art, journalism and social change across the gritty backdrop of Brooklyn-based millennials. It raised some serious questions for me about the nature of representation within the context of social change, and even opened my eyes to discontinuity in the ways in which different generations experience unfolding events and history. It was profoundly disturbing in a good way, in the way that all good art should be.

  • Johnny s

    I liked the movie a WHOLE lot but it was misidentified in the schedule and my dvr clipped the end off. Wah!

  • William Tucker

    Johnny s,

    Don’t get upset. It shows again early Wednesday morning at 12:30 a.m. Check the “TV Schedule” above and set your dvr RIGHT this time.

    It’s also available on Netflix.

    (I’m Kevan’s father. Proud of my son.)

  • Eden

    This movie changed my life.