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Shades of Ray

Airs Saturday, August 28, 2010 after the Reel 13 Classic on THIRTEEN

Shades of Ray (2008): American-born Ray Rehman comes home one night to find his Pakistani father on his doorstep. Ray’s Caucasian mother threw him out…

Directed by: Jaffar Mahmood

  • Roy

    Holy cow!!! That’s Zack Levi from “Chuck”!!!

  • Tan

    Fantastic film – a beautiful human, American story for the 21st century. Thanks!

  • Larry

    Wonderful, Thoughtful and Funny
    Good enough, I think, to become a cult
    clasic comedy, “Shades of Ray” is a well-constructed, well acted and directed boy-meets-
    girl, boy-loses -girl, boy gets girl-back,
    but which one will he choose?
    Zack Levi’s Rey protagonist is just enough updated Jerry Seinfeld thrust into a dilemna
    about his own ethnic identity, his mixed-marriage
    estranged parents, and how to choose the right
    woman of his dreams to make for an indie film
    that captures our interest no matter what our
    ethnicity, and has just the right balance of slap-stick “sit com humor,” and poignent moments of self-realization to make for good evenings’
    entertainment. To the Cast, Director and Company – well done!

  • PatsyV

    This was a true to life and amusing film. The acting was perfect. I would recommend your showing it again at a later date.

  • kupi

    This was SO MUCH FUN to watch! I loved last night’s line up so much, I stayed up all night to watch them all again. KUDOS!

  • Mac

    Thank you for showing this. It was real and refreshing to see a film that explored love and relationships in a different way. I have been in an interacial marriage for 15 years and we have seen our children be fully confident of who they are until they started dating. To center the movie on this dillemma was insightful.

    Zack Levi can really act. His character was believable.

  • Alvena

    Excellent movie – one could substitute any two different cultures blending in America and the issues would be the same. Well done, funny and yet poignant. The feeling of being “brown” can only be understood from the inside out and this movie presents it well.

  • Barbara

    I stumbled on this wonderful film tonight and am recording it so I can see it again and show it to my adult children since their father is Indian. I believe that this film illustrated how a sense of identity can be challenging when one is of mixed race. Thanks for providing a thought provoking film.

  • Barbara

    I accidentally deleted part of my first sentence which stated that I am white and my ex is Indian.

  • Nadia J.

    I love this movie. I saw it twice and I shall see it again tomorrow:-). I wish to see more movies like this. Well written, insightful and the actors are so real. A today’s American story. Well done!

  • Mary Phillips

    Wonderful movie. Please play it again when more people will see it like during the fall or winter. So well-written, wellp-acted and well-directed!

  • giusi

    This is beautiful movie.
    I like it.

  • Mia

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    Thank you very much advance

  • Gregory

    I enjoyed this film. I found it hypocritical of Ray’s father to tell his son to not date an African American woman. He is guilty of the same thing. I would like to see a film where an Indian man dates a Black Woman and a Indian Woman dates a Black man.