Parting Words

Air Date: Saturday October 24, 2009

Parting Words (2008): Parting Words is a timely blue-collar comedy with an unusual storyline, a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. Everyday folk who are “just trying to get by” form the cast and neighborhood setting for this film to which everyone can all too quickly relate. This story follows the dysfunctional relationship of Vince, Nick and Eddie, three 30-year old men and their childhood best friend, Laura. A little too good-looking and a lot too wild, an intoxicated Laura gets the pot boiling with a shocking toast at her friends’ wedding. The resulting emotional disaster takes the guys, their wives and their small town on a laughter-and-tears journey that dismantles, then reassembles each couple and takes them to a place far better than where they began.

Beautifully shot in HD24P, Parting Words is one of the pioneering digital-era features. Produced on location in Hoboken, New Jersey and the surrounding areas, the cast and crew were assembled from the local New York City talent pool.

Directed by Stan Schofield

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  • Donald Steinman

    Bravo !!! Just watched the final credits and enjuoyed the film immensely… Funny, sad I went through all the emotions… great direction and camera work… teriffic writing and wow.. I was blown away.. would love to get a copy of the movie….thye casting was ” spot on ”

    email me

  • mrhumphrey

    Just Stunning… Stunning.

  • Zurich HB

    I truly enjoyed watching the movie, so refreshing to see such talented actors/actresses. My “Kleinstadt”(small town)swiss friends enjoyed especially! Best of luck and keep up the great work!!! Cheers!!! HB fr NYC

  • AAAA

    Disgusting filth on basic cable.

  • Thomasina Cooke

    Great movie –well done and acting way above average better then anything I have seen in the movies houses lately. I sure appreciate 13 making it available for on line viewing.

  • j. wheeler

    what a surprise! Beautifully done. Well cast and acted So tragic, so heart wrenching, so real. A wonderful movie.

  • Joe Denaro

    Thought the film was wonderful and well acted for all the reasons aforementioned. Considered it the anti-MOONSTRUCK…….disfunctional, realistic(non romanticized), right down to its (dark) operatic score!
    Thank You!

  • Dorothy Lohman

    I have not received Channel 13 TV program guide for Jan. or Feb. Before sending reply to 1/12 letter re 2020 Annual Fund, I would appreciate comfirmation of membership status. Please reply: Member id 90135406

  • Matt Billo

    Life throws us all curve balls, love, desire, wanted lust, joy and jealously to name a few. This short film has it all. Would love to see more from this director and good luck in all things!

  • Jennifer

    Superb work by all, and a perfect sound track.

  • David_notascynical

    Very John Cassavetes-esque.


    wish it would get a larger showing, great, thought provoking, sad but true,

  • Anab

    Great movie!!!

  • R. A. Biery

    I loved this film so much I hunted down the director and bought a DVD copy directly from him. It is unbelievably wonderful, thought-provoking, beautifully acted, and with a tru-blue-collar surprise ending. The soundtrack supports the storyline to a tee.

  • Amber

    Wow! Im amazed! Im going to be recommending this film to all my friends and family. Very funny, well thought out and I LOVED the end.

  • Tom Bowler

    I saw it when it aired on 13. Tonight i was about to vote on the short subject films and I stumbled on this. I enjoyed it even more on my computer with earphones on because it’s sharper and the sound is all encompassing like in a theater. This is a small masterpiece. It rings true. I went to a 55 year reunion of my grammar school and met a woman who I had a crush on in the 6th grade. It was still there and we told each other some stories that I couldn’t even remember happened. Hard to comprehend but universal. I know that now after many years. Amazing!

  • patricia wilshire

    I love movies. This one is wonderful surprise. The actors, story,
    acting and the music score…..Beautifully done..

  • Liz

    The film was excellent. I usually do ten things at once while watching a film, but now, accomplished nothing- except shredding tissues. I was looking for a comedy, but got hooked! I’ll watch it again, with a friend, and I’ll hate Brenda even more.

  • Kathi McAvena

    There are so many LONG WEDDING films but this short edition was more enjoyable, funnier, sweeter and around better than the rest!

  • Chef Sun

    Excellent film. Touching but not sappy.