On Broadway

On Broadway (2007): A Boston playwright stages a production of his work in the back of an Irish pub.

Directed by Dave McLaughlin

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  • Sheila White

    The broadcast times and lengths of the Indies are so variable. Would it be possible for you to to post the scheduled times together with the announcement of what they are???

  • Roy


  • Dorothy Forman

    I loved this story. Could it be repeated?

  • Frankie

    This production was excellent. I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

  • Carole

    Loved this – I too would enjoy seeing it again.

  • Linda M

    This was a wonderful portrayal of ‘little people” who are actually very
    big. The characters were extremely authentic and as the main character was driven to realize his dream all of the character grew
    in helping him to realize it. I was very moved by the film. There was no grandstanding, simply honest portrayal.

  • Marilyn Finkel


  • West

    Thanks for putting the entire story in the trailer. Not much point in watching it now. Why do filmmakers do that?

  • Anne Forman

    WE loved this movie and would see it again. It touched me on many levels.