Nurse.Fighter.Boy (2008): An urban love story about the soul of a mother, the heart of a fighter, and the faith of a child.

Directed by Charles Officer

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  • G. P. Culmer

    As someone with sickle cell anemia, I applaud Officer for his bold film.

  • kojo

    I really enjoyed the story, because of the movie’s location and unique story line.

  • LilStewart

    Excellant film, really enjoyed what I saw of it as I tuned in half way thru. Is it possible to purchase it somehow on dvd?

  • Aaron Ingram

    Looking to in seeing the film on the big screen @ BAM Nov 8th.

  • raymond allen

    as soon as i saw this movie i thought oh another boring film. but as the movie ended i was in tears n and joy never felt so much emotion for an film such as this one