New Orleans, Mon Amour

Airs Saturday, August 7, 2010 after the Reel 13 Classic on THIRTEEN

New Orleans, Mon Amour (2008): A year after Hurricane Katrina, Henry, a surgeon in the affluent Garden District of New Orleans, is attempting to get his life back on track. He is remarrying his ex-wife, renovating her house and restarting his medical practice. But things begin to derail when he runs into an old flame, Hyde, a younger woman was has returned to New-Orleans to become a relief worker in the lower 9th Ward. Both want to be part of “the solution”. Yet their desire for each other creates problems from which neither of them can escape.

Directed by Michael Almereyda

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  • Roy

    The date should be Jan 16, not 9

  • Catherine Shea

    I liked the trailer Indie Film “New Orleans, Mon Amour and looking forward to watching the entire film. Catherine Shea

  • Joe H,

    OK, dialog, plot, pre-text, sub-text etc. it looks like a walking billboard for Anglo-Irish relations. The leas is gorgeous–only does she know what she’s doing in bed with an MD?! Love to TRY to explain it to her….an Irish side, for the birds and not Katrina, Joe H.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t live through Katrina, but I did identify strongly with the characters and what they went through because I lived in a building that was repeatedly flooded by leaks, had a basement and walls filled with mold, got really, really ill, lost my job, couldn’t move, because who can move when they are unemployed, tried to get it fixed, and then, lost my (rented) home and had to move, in my case, thousands of miles away.

    Now, I, like millions of others, am still sick with

    Unless we start trying to understand this problem. and admit its existence, we all will be.

    I read today that autism is linked to wet weather. Makes sense to me.