Mona (2008): Two 35-year-old men going backwards in life meet a vibrant 23-year-old woman, bounding unselfconsciously forward.

Directed by Alan Kirschen

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  • Linda

    I was truly interested in seeing the outcome of this movie; however after hearing how the lawyer character needed “to take a dump”, the other male character vomiting loudly and then appearing with vomit on him face, and finally Mona coming to the apartment with excrement on her sneakers, and the camera really focusing in on it, I had to turn this so called movie off. Yes, director and writer you succeeded in making me nauseous. If you think by using excrement and vomit so obviously in a movie, is so inane and progressive, you are wrong. It is just sickening filth that had to be used because you have no creativity or talent.