LBS. (2004)

LBS. (2004): A 315-pound man decides to kick his food addiction by moving to the country.

Directed by Matthew Bonifacio.

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  • kaben

    Interesting film, but this is the exact same movie that was on reel 13 a few months ago, except instead of a overweight man, the movie was about a dwarf moving to the country. How can that happen?

  • Skygazer

    *How can that happen?*

    You probably need to pay more attention and go easier on the smokables…

  • Steve Scalici

    I could really feel his humiliation when he was rejected by his “girlfriend,” and pain when he saw his drugged-out friend strung out. The movie was a bit like “Marty.”. I thought he was going back Upstate after he saw all the same shortcomings again in his friends and family…he should have…

  • Steve Scalici

    I’ve got to see it again!

  • Skygazer

    It was such a good movie. It really captured that native New Yorker Middle-class vibe. And the scene where he and Sacco have it out when they’re both in withdrawal was superb writing and truly excellent acting by both “Neil” and “Sacco.” The guy who played Sacco, especially I felt brilliantly captured the character he was playing. Although the main actor obviously truly carried the whole film really well. It definitely had some moments that really captured that nightmarish “Requiem for a Dream” quality. Especially seeing Sacco at the end there. And I thought the editing there especially really shined.

    I’d like to think someone like Sacco would be straightened out before he really fell that far, and if he did, I don’t think he stay in “the” neighborhood, but regardless it served the story, so…

  • Pat

    Great movie…amazing how Neil was able to clean up really well. I like the part when his friend up in the country said, Neil, just because you changed, don’t expect everyone will change. He returned home to see that things were still the same. It is about how a person was to transformed his mentality to see the world aroud him for what it really is. And how he made an internal and mental change.

  • Mark

    Enablers can be deadly.

  • Peb

    I liked it. The acting and writing was great. Maybe the love interest in schohaire was the only weird note but I liked the reality bit at the end when Neil went to OA.

  • Carol

    Amazing movie of the mind of an compulsive eater and the struggles of the Illness. Honest, well-acted and was able to feel his pain. People don’t understand if they aren’t compulsive and look to fill voids with substance abuse to detach from reality. Choose your poison !! Love to purchase a copy, how do I go about it?

    • ms.asis

      Carol, I so agree with you and often say”Pick your poison”…because everybody has one. It’s how we learn to deal with it that counts

  • Jonella

    I recorded this film and I’m still watching it – but I must say I’m enjoying it immensely. Love the lead guy – Most of all I want to say this film is making me miss New York City so badly! I spent 44 years living in a sixth floor walk-up, rent-controlled apartment in The West Village, which I had to give up in 2008 – as I had basically moved to Sullivan County in rural upstate New York – and, while I like the country, it can be lonely – I miss the City every day!!! And such New York characters as are depicted in this film, I’m really really sad about being so far from such people! I am loving watching them behave in such familiar ways!!!
    I look forward to continuing to see the film – It’s good! I admire the filmmaker for getting this done – and I admire the main actor – He’s very likeable! Good job!! (And, by the way, I was a multi-award-winning filmmaker who DIDN’T get her low-budget feature film funded or made! It’s VERY TOUGH!! – Destroyed me, basically…)
    Good luck!!! (I see talent here!)

  • barent

    i like this film for the most part,but it was a bit too long for me. to be honest,vulgar working class NYC italo-americans on film,are not my cup of tea. much less in real life.

  • Sal Scamardo

    Bonifacio’s a director to watch. This is a terrific film. Be sure to check it out.

  • Johnny boy

    Watching right now and love the movie, because i can relate. It’s like watching my lie being played out right before my eyes. I have lost the weight but have yet to meet anyone. I hope a beautiful women comes knocking on my window to sleep with me in the middle of the night Hahahha….yeah right

  • fipper

    The movie was very well written as well as directed. I love how the story didn’t tie up neatly at the end with a in real life. The movie was more about his journey with the struggle of food addiction and how it will continues well after the credits rolled up. Well done! I truly enjoyed the film.

  • ms.asis

    I saw this movie in the middle of the night last night and I thought it was so touching and real. Being Italian and having a weight problem for almost all my life, I can’t tell you how much this movie resonated with me. Three short years ago I made major life changes–the least of which was the food I ate. I had to give up the toxic people in my life and start believing in myself. I had to give up a lot, but what I got back in it’s place is priceless…a life I love, an enthusiasm and joy for those who are in my life and a healthy body which is over 100 pounds lighter than it was three years ago. I am very late to the game, but I am just so grateful I can taste the sweetness of life.