In Between Days

Airs Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 11pm on THIRTEEN

Ji-seon Kim

Ji-seon Kim

In Between Days (2006): A Korean immigrant falls in love with her best friend while navigating her way through the challenges of living in a new country.

Directed by So Yong Kim

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  • Emily

    it was very interesting to watch, though a bit tragic and sorrowful, I regret having stepped away from the tv awhile and I missed the ending! I really long to see it

  • Catherine

    at the end, the girl is in bed with a shaven-haired, tattooed guy post coitally they lay in silence as he smokes a cigarette and then gets up to leave. as he opens the door to leave we see tran (? best friend w/hat) passing by, glancing to see her in bed. final moments are of her watery-eyed.

  • naye

    Did she sleep with Steve? It seemed like her best friend liked her too, I didn’t get to see the beginning. ;(

  • helen

    . Dad left, but no reason given….best friend kicked out of the
    house. Again, no explanation. Mom dating? No follow-up on this
    interesting tidbit. And the tattoo she made for best friend? Looked
    like the start of an infection!! But we’ll never know. And did girl
    actually sleep with the other guy? We can guess the reasons:
    jealously. hurt, pain – Interesting take on y outh, but too much
    left to the imagination…

  • shula Chernoff

    One of the most beautiful films about a young person growing up with yearning to make sense of her world. The director was very much aware of the meaning of each scene. I liked the slow evolution of the film. She submits in the end because of the relationship that has fallen apart. The photography is beautiful. Maybe my background in child development made me love this film.

  • Betty Kawahira

    I liked to see other Reel 13 films in future. thanks.

  • C Nieves

    A real jewel of a film in every way. So expertly conceived and handled. I have NO criticism to make which is rare for me. I watched this late late at night and couldn’t turn away. When it ended I felt as if I knew the characters in real life. The film stayed with me. Great direction, script and acting. A feast for the heart, mind and eyes.

  • Red

    This is one of my favorite films! Though it made me cry an feel for the young girl in both dealing with love at a young age also her parents break-up A great movie for the soul!