Heartlands (2002): Gentle Colin ‘Col’ Lawes happily lead a quiet life, running a news agency with his spoiled-rotten wife Sandra and playing competition darts in the Atletic Arms team.

Directed by Damien O’Donnell.

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  • ivan bodis-wollner

    One question was : the best travel film. I would vote for Godard’s Weekend.Intrestingly, this (
    Heartlands) magnificent film has a perhaps subtle but essential connection to Godard’s film: the Mozart interlude in the barn (Godard) and the “environment” interlude here.In both cases as a viewer you kind of become impatient for the progress of the story until you relize that you were presented a mirror to see yourself .
    The actor’s “transformation” is so subtle and definite!
    I also loved the Blackpool grime, of course influenced by Fellini.
    What a great choics this film was.

  • mary kordak

    I was telling my daughter about watching the movies on Reel 13 last week when I realized that I couldn’t remember any thing about the primary movie, except the music. That movie was the wonderful Rain Man, but it is Heartland that I want to ses again, There are subtle things that I missed about our hero’s(?) transformation – characters and places along the way. I didn’t expect the ending – which I loved. I loved the movie, no over the top melodrama of emotions at play or action – nothing superflous (is that still a word? I know the spelling is incorrect) Well, anyway I loved the movie and stayed awake until it ended at 2:00a.m. A quiet, thoughtful and often beautiful movie that I needed to pay close attention to in order to reap its full reward.