Children of Invention

Children of Invention (2009): Two young children living illegally in a model apartment outside Boston are left to fend for themselves when their hardworking mother disappears.

Directed by Tze Chun

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  • Roy

    Sad…and I have to see this film.

  • Claiire Mendez

    I was enjoying “Children of Invention” very much last night, January 22nd but around 12 something PBS disappeared from both my TVs. I was trying and trying but unfortunately I could not get the channel back. I was able to get all my channels but PBS. Is there any chance you play it again in the near future. I just watched some videos on it by the writer-director and they were very good and informative. Good luck with the movie!

  • Roy

    Claire: The film’ll be re-broadcast late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning.

  • Louis Profeta

    Asian movies and people the many I’ve know do not display complicated emotions, have strong feelings about education, even the children are delicate beings. The movies are simple and have deep feelings, no twisting headaches unraveling a story line.

  • Louis Profeta

    Remembering Pearl S Buck, “The Good Earth”?

  • Drew Simels

    This was an o.k. movie experience — a contemporary drama focusing on a single parent familu trying, with great difficulty, to stay together. The details of the drama — the problem facing the family –was not clearl spelled out and developed and the resolution was contrived. I’m looking forward to better movie experiences on Reel 13.

  • Emily

    This is one of my favorite indies that Reel 13 has played, as far as less-happy, and more realistic indies go. The host described it perfectly, it is quiet, but truly striking and effective in its portrayal of how the middle class are pushed into poverty. A slight theme of racism obviously endures. I also love how the Asian and eastern culture is portrayed when faced with hardship. Troubles that most Americans would find overwhelming and tragic, people from Asiatic countries would simply sigh and continue to tred through. That is something we see in Elaine Cheng, who never loses her class while she is falling apart inside.
    I completely agree with Louis Profeta’s comments, and yes, there are the common aspects of simpleness and deep feelings when telling an Asian story. Can be compared to The Good Earth.