Bomber (2009): An 83 year-old man returns to Germany for a long planned journey of atonement. When Ross, his useless son, agrees to drive him there, a nightmare family road trip ensues.

Directed by Paul Cotter

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  • phillip strauss

    i dont get it. this guy wants to attone for germanys horror. america is going the way rome went down, and the people deserve it. we’ll see the next election.

  • John

    I watched this. WTF happened at the end???? Right at the height of the drama, there was a scene change and one comment from the son to the father, but we didn’t get to see what happened, what the comment was about, and then the film was over. Was there a cut? an edit? a censorship? did the filmmaker run out of money? was the editor stopped being paid? I’m very confused.

  • debramcgrisken

    i think that this movie is terrific, and it shows alot of how real families are,its a beatiful true to life movie. the back ground music is great and i’d like to get a copy of it.

  • cathy

    The movie “Bomber” was very good. To understand the ending one must have seen it from the beginning, which I did. And the wife gets what she had been asking for, to go to Warsaw!

  • Steven John Bosch

    The father has come to Germany to get forgiveness for his error in dropping his bomber’s load on a non-military target. This happened in the war.
    What struck me as absolutely true was Alistair’s telling his wife, “I hate you.” She’s calling him back to life, a life he is afraid to live because he thinks he’s at the end of his life, the body just won’t give any more, he thinks. It is a sign of hope when he tells his son they should take the highway and get to Warsaw that much faster.

  • Jason R Dole

    This was very nice, a great late-night find!

    Yeah, the fact that they head to Warsaw like the mother wanted indicates they’re “working through it.” It’s not like everything’s perfect, but at least they’re forging ahead, together.

  • Gerda Albert

    I loved it!

  • Polly

    Is this film available online so that I can direct my parent — who is not in NY — to view it?

  • Mike

    I liked the movie but its ending could have used a little bit more clarity. A swell job by its cast. This film can be useful in marriage counseling which is the what the son was attempting to do and a strong point of the film’s subplot.