Beneath Clouds

Beneath Clouds (2002): Lena, the light-skinned daughter of an Aboriginal mother and Irish father, ends up on a journey with Vaughn, a Murri boy doing time in a minimum security prison in New South Wales.

Directed by Ivan Sen

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  • Noel E. Guzman

    came in late and could not catch the showing of this great film

    would it be rebroadcast any time soon…..?

  • Esther Rosenfeld

    Sensitive film, visually arresting, lack of dialogue leads to an increased awareness of each character’s state of being. The end, inevitable, however is devastatingly sad. Yet the lack of fiery emotion lends this film a great austerity. I knew how it would end, ineffably sad. yet so real.

  • Faheem Lateef

    Intense and minimal. Like any great independent film- not a word is wasted. But this film provides racial injustice, sexism, and finally, a delicate dash of love.

  • D.Simels

    A negative movie experience — poorly conceived and executed. Writer-directors such as Mr. Sen need some guidance and discipline. It also wouldn’t hurt to shoot a script on celluloid and not video.

  • Kun chen

    what a meaningful and profound movie in a way it touch critically on the issues that we take for granted. i was most impressed with the perspectives from which the movie was taken, two teenagers whose views are still innocent and uncolored by the prejudice coming from the society and adults. the problem of racism is so universal and morally wrong that i wonder why it need take human beings so much time, so much time to understand a obvious verity that racism ,just as war,can by no means be justified on any ground and to endorse humanism.

  • Sanders

    I found it incredibly moving, and it touched on all sorts of issues. But oh, how I wish the two lead characters could’ve gotten on that train, together, at the end.