Ben X

Ben X (2007): As an alternative to getting bullied at school, an autistic teenager retreats into the world of online role-playing games.

Directed by Nic Balthazar

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  • Shari Johanson

    The best bullying film of all time is “My Bodyguard”

  • Lawrence

    Great foreign language film about bullying. It had me clutching my hands in suspense at the end. It really brought you into the poor boys world. Too bad the ending was not the same for the boy in real life.

  • Philip Zweig

    “My Bodyguard” prescribed violence as an answer to violence, which,in the real world, is no answer at all.
    “The Happy Years” an early lesser-known film: the 1st I saw, long time ago, I mostly remember the anger welling up as I watched.
    What I see in bullying films by-&-large, as in life, is how those who can do something to protect those set upon will generally go “tch tch” & look the other way & therefore encourage more bullying.
    All of you reading this: any former bullies out there? Why did you bully? Did you enjoy it? Do you still enjoy the memories of doing it? Share!

  • Adiel Ventura

    I saw this movie and it was like seeing my 15 year old son. My son is developing similar behavior as Ben X and it worries me that my son could end up as this character. This film certainly came at the right time in my family’s life, it has open an opportunity to better understand my son and to start a plan to prevent my son from becoming just like Ben X.

    This film should be played at all schools to bring awareness to the public.

    I would give this film a novel prize on human rights.

    No one should have to face humiliation of any kind just for being different.

    I would like to express to the director of this piece my most profound respect and admiration.

    Thank you so much for writing this film and thanks to channel 13 for broadcasting it.

  • Philip Zweig

    Adiel Ventura, after 15 years, your son is probably set. Unless he has gifted teachers who can make him care about learning social skills, your best hope is private schooling or home instruction (which saved me in the end). But what’s really the answer, as Ben X proclaims, is to teach tolerance for those who are different in any way. Tragically, this is something the public school system resists doing. Artworks such as Ben X and individuals must spread the word (for example eventually make a world where your son can joyfully thrive.

  • Lezah Yeoh

    As a mother of two Aspies (one in high school and one in grade school), it was really hard for me to watch this movie. But it really is a must see. Brilliantly filmed. I felt like I got a sense of what it would be like if noises, voices, people coming at you with a million questions, light, etc…. is magnified beyond the norm. I do however, wish someone would write an uplifting… happy film about having Aspergers. It’s great to see a film addressing bullying. It not only happens to Aspies. This year our eldest son (in high school) experienced extream bullying from a teacher, and it was the students that came to his defense. The teacher has tenure, and can not be fired.

  • Roy

    I’d liked the film more if the subtitles weren’t cropped out of the screen.