HELLO LONESOME (2010): Lonely since his wife left him and alienated from his daughter, a cantankerous voice-over artist strikes up an unlikely friendship with his regular deliveryman.

Directed by Adam Reid

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  • devhtuck

    Though they met due to a mutual — yet strange interest — Harold and Maude is my favorite May/December movie. No sex, but a mutual love.

  • devhtuck

    Adam Reid has hit the jackpot. Compelling. I usually cook or eat during the Indies. This one kept me glued in place. Thank you.

  • croweny

    Harold and Maude is delightful; my former favorite was a French film the name of which I can’t recall, but the newest is quite recent: Adore, an Australian-French drama directed by Anne Fontaine [“Coco Before Chanel”] and based on a novella by Doris Lessing called ‘The Grandmothers.’ It features Naomi Watts and a radiant Robin Wright as best friends who get involved with each other’s sons. [The French, of course, are far more open-minded about male-May/female-December romances.] I saw it in an audience of nearly all women, and there was universal cheering at the end.