Gosford Park

AIR DATE: April 25, 2009

Gosford Park

Gosford Park


The Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay, Gosford Park is a whodunit as only director Robert Altman could do it. As a hunting party gathers at the country estate, no one is aware that before the weekend is over, someone will be murdered – twice! The police are baffled but the all-seeing, all-hearing servants know that almost everyone had a motive. This critically-acclaimed murder mystery features a who’s who of celebrated actors. With a diverse cast of characters – all with something to hide – it’ll keep you guessing right to the surprising end. Gosford Park proves that murder can be such an inconvenience.

Director: Robert Altman

Born in Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 20, 1925, Robert Altman learned about filmmaking after a stint in the Air Force, where he produced documentaries, employee training films and educational shorts.

In 1957, he completed The Delinquents, which opened the door for his direction of high-profile TV series such as “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Maverick” and “Bonanza.” Altman’s first critical and financial success came with MASH (1970), for which he received the first of seven Oscar nods. The equally revered films The Long Goodbye (1973), Thieves Like Us (1974) and Nashville (1975) soon followed.

Known for working with large ensemble casts who deliver overlapping dialogue, Altman built a career replete with critical acclaim — marked by films such as The Player (1993), Gosford Park (2001), which won the Oscar for Best Screenplay, and The Company (2003). Altman received an honorary Oscar in 2006 and died in November the same year at the age of 81. (Bio via Netflix)

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