Funny Ha Ha

Air Date: Saturday June 27th, after the Reel 13 Classic on THIRTEEN

Set in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Funny Ha Ha follows a recently graduated, unemplyed twenty-something, Marnie, as she tries to find a temporary job, win the attention of an uninterested college friend named Alex, and check her alcohol consumption. Shot on 16 mm on a very low budget, the film examines a collection of recent graduates as they try to come to terms with life after college and confront the responsibilities of adulthood.

Director: Andrew Bujalski

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  • Adam

    I’m surprised and dismayed that we haven’t seen more of Kate Dollenmayer, as hers was truly a breakout performance. It’s a sad commentary on the state of American cinema that the most-talked-about “actresses” emerge from acting-optional roles in effects-laden popcorn movies (i.e. Megan Fox), yet Ms. Dollenmayer enjoys no such recognition by the press for her talents.