A THOUSAND YEARS OF GOOD PRAYERS (2007): Wayne Wang’s intimate drama explores a Chinese man’s experience in America as he attempts to reconnect with his daughter.

Directed by Wayne Wang

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  • pearsonpamel

    I enjoyed this film, about the unearthing of a woman’s buried pain as she tries to achieve a healthy relationship with men despite her father’s apparent infidelity. Her strained relationship with her visiting Chinese father was poignant, as he displays his own emotional needs in old age, and forgiveness eludes him.

    I recommend another father-daughter film which I believe is from Uruguay: “La Demora”, meaning “The Delay.” It is a wrenching portrait of a single working woman torn between caring for her father, who seems to have dementia, and her three children. The public nursing homes are filled, so she tries a desperate and dangerous gambit to try to get him into one.

    The film is both heartbreaking and refreshing for its humanity and lack of escapism, reminding me of “Umberto D.” They don’t make ’em like that anymore in America – maybe they never did.