Air Date: March 14, 2009 & Encore: June 27, 2009 after the Reel 13 Classic


In this bittersweet Irish coming-of-age tale, 13-year old Maeve hits a new milestone: her first bra. Distracted from her friends when she attracts the attention of heartthrob Brian, it’s a long fall back to earth when he ultimately dumps her, and becoming an adult doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore.  32A is the debut feature from writer-director Marian Quinn. Starring Orla Brady, Glynis Casson, Patrick FitzGerald, and Aidan Quinn.

Directed by: Marian Quinn

Although a native of Illinois, writer-director Marian Quinn based on her screenplay for 32A on time she spent in Dublin during her own childhood.  Quinn is also a working actress, appearing on television (Law and Order) and film (I Shot Andy Warhol).  Quinn hails from a cinematic family; her brother, Aiden Quinn, appears in 32A as the family patriarch.

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