What Is the Sweaty Robot Collective?

Sunday, August 16th, 2009 at 12:01 am

Happy Birthday, Harris Malden, this week’s strange coming-of-age Reel 13 Indie, was created by a Philadelphia group of comedic filmmakers who call themselves Sweaty Robot. All five members of the collective receive billing as writers, directors and producers in Happy Birthday, Harris Malden, and four of the five play lead characters.

The members of Sweaty Robot started working together after graduating from college, where four of the five members met. The fifth was a high school friend. Working together in Philadelphia, they produced several shorts. One of the earliest, a mockumentary about a man who fakes his facial hair, became a favorite among fans; the group eventually decided to develop it into their first feature-length piece, Happy Birthday, Harris Malden.

–- for Reel 13 by John Light

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