Having trouble streaming Sita?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Please provide us with the following information:

Your operating system (i.e. Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS 10.4)

Your browser and browser version (i.e. Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3, etc.)

The type of internet connection (Cable, DSL, modem, etc.)

If you see the version of the Flash plugin below:

Please email this information to   Thank you!

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  • Terri Bush

    windows xp
    win 9,0,124,0

  • Roberta Danza

    Windows xp

  • steve muench

    Win XP SP3
    Firefox 3.0.7
    DSL 6MB
    Flash plugin: WIN 10,0,12,36
    Provider FASTWEB (Italy)

  • ann schult

    Windows XP, Flash version 9

  • Elizabeth

    I am operating on Windows 2000. It may be my slow internet connection.

  • Usha Shah

    Windows XP
    Broadband by Modem in Mumbai, India

  • Usha Shah

    Windows XP
    Firefox Internet explorer

  • Marlene

    I usually use Firefox and I have Windows Vista, but I tried Google Chrome and it works really well for me now.

  • eva

    WIN 10,0,12,36, windows xp, firefox

  • Con

    Firefox 3
    Flash: LNX 10,0,22,87
    The video played but was very very slow. I am in Australia.

  • sabino

    Firefox 3
    DSL 10MB
    WIN 10,0,22,87

    it is very slow

  • joan whitacre

    Mac 10.4.11
    Cable modem
    What else can I do, e.g., firefox?

  • ashija j

    windows xp
    internet exporer 7
    cable modem
    i don’t know what version of flash i have
    but i keep getting:The selected item is not currently available when i try to watch the video

  • damyant

    WIN 10,0,12,36

  • Kompani

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Firefox 3.0.7
    DSL 2.2mb
    Flash WIN 10,0,12,36

  • Gayatri

    I’m using windows vista, firefox, cable modem and win 9,0,124,0. I’m unable to view the video past the opening info screen

  • Guilaume

    OpenBSD 4.4 (yes, my dear Reel13, there are other OSes than windows and MacOS!!!)
    Gnash 0.8.3 plugin (a FREE and OPENSOURCE implementation of Flash plugin – because this latter is PROPRIETARY and can not be run/distributed freely by anyone)

    Video player do not start (Note: some videos on youtube and koreus are working fine, so the gnash plugin has sufficient support for correct flash video players)

  • Kritika

    Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.6
    MAC 9,0,151,0

  • xyz765

    windows xp
    fire fox 3
    (i cant see)

  • Tavin

    linux 2.6 / glibc-2.6.1
    firefox 3
    LNX 10,0,22,87
    player does not buffer when paused, playback buffer seems too small or stream rate is too low

  • Heidi Lowenthal

    Streaming stopped with about 10 minutes to go. I’m bummed.

  • Ravi

    Windows XP
    WIN 9,0,45,0

  • Mohan Siroya

    Not able to eithr view on line or burn the burnable Cd thru’ th proded links.

    * Using Windows XP & also FIREFOX
    * Modem
    *Win 9

  • Hena

    Windows XP
    Internet Explorer 8
    Flash: WIN 10,0,12,36

  • Alan — May 8, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    Streaming stopped approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the end, image froze, and progress bar reset to zero.
    Windows XP
    Firefox 3.0.10
    Flash: WIN 10,0,22,87

  • walter balduck

    You have realy talent
    walter balduck
    and brains too!!!

  • walter

    I use mac osx leopard

  • Monali Varaiya

    windows xp

    I really hope to finish watching this!!

  • ruffyy

    I use vista premium 64 bit
    wunnerful, wunnerful!!!!

  • Pegi Galster

    I cannot seem to get it to play, I have windows xp, foxfire cable high speed internet. I would also like to purchase 5 copies of the film. Could you please advise me as how to do that. Thanks pegi Galster

  • Dick Pervonga

    Windows XP
    Internet explorer

  • Miri

    WinXP, IE8, DSL
    Flash version: WIN 10,0,22,87
    Movie plays correctly though hangs now and there. At the intermission it hanged completely and crashed the explorer near the end of the movie.

  • bokkie

    Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4, (2.6.28-17-generic) Gnome 2.26.1
    Firefox 3.0.17
    Flash version LNX 10,0,42,34

    The first screen of the movie is shown, but as soon as I click “start” the screen goes black and the loading bar doesn’t move…