What is your favorite Hitchcock movie?

Posted: March 17, 2013

James Stewart in Vartigo

James Stewart in Vartigo (1958)

Alfred Hitchcock is regarded as one of film’s greatest directors. What is your favorite Hitchcock movie? There are a lot of contenders, but to Neal Gabler, Hitchcock’s masterpiece is VERTIGO, which was recently named by a panel of critics, the greatest movie of all time, displacing CITIZEN KANE.

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  • Max Stephens

    North by Northwest is a nearly perfect entertainment on all levels. Vertigo is greater work of art.

  • Van Cockcroft

    “Vertigo” IS a work of art, and in the way it draws you in a little differently every time…well, that IS entertainment, too.

  • ellen

    For years my favorite was Strangers On Train but I now think Vertigo is best.

  • Nick

    North By Northwest (1959). Hitchcock’s pinnacle of success. The perfect movie.

  • Brenda Kaye Lester


  • tee

    As one of my favorite directors this is hard to answer but I guess I’d say Rear Window. The premise is so interesting watching all the action from across the courtyard in a wheelchair. Great! But I also love North by Northwest and Strangers on a Train.

  • Lucy Muller

    Rear Window.

  • Monte Kaplan

    Vertigo followed by Strangers on a Train.

  • Deb Healy

    North by Northwest! Hitchcock had been talking about the film while making Vertigo and Jimmy Stewart got v excited and assumed he would play Roger Thornhill. But Hitch secretly blamed Vertigo’s lack of box office on Jimmy’s looking too old and actually waited until JS was committed to another film before “offering” him the role. Funny that Cary Grant is actually a few years older than JS and himself was reluctant to take on the role because of his age. Studio wanted Gregory Peck but Hitch insisted on Grant. Studio also wanted Cyd Charisse and Cary wanted Sophia Loren (unsure if that was before or while he was in love w her) but Hitch again insisted, Eva Marie. He hated the costumes designed for her so he actually took Eva to Bergdorff’s and pick out her wardrobe himself!