What is your favorite Agatha Christie adaptation?

Posted: March 30, 2014


TEN LITTLE INDIANS was adapted from an Agatha Christie novel – the best-selling mystery book of all time. Of the many Christie stories that have been adapted to the screen, which is your favorite? Although R13 Classics Host Neal Gabler enjoys the Miss Marple series, his personal favorite is Sidney Lumet’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

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  • Raymond Banacki

    George Pollock turned the Margaret Rutherford/Miss Marple flicks into a very enjoyable and entertaining series and I am more than glad that you showed us his fifth Agatha Christie adaptation last night, but, as you must know, you eliminated the famous minute break in which the audience was asked to guess the actual murderer.

  • Matthew M. Franco

    I have to agree, the Marple movies were tons of fun!