Discussion: What is your favorite Paul Newman performance?

Posted: July 8, 2012
The Verdict (1982)

Paul Newman in The Verdict (1982)

Paul Newman was one of America’s greatest stars and greatest actors. What is your favorite Paul Newman performance? Neal Gabler chooses The Hustler (1961) and The Verdict (1982).

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  • JC

    The Sting – one of my all time favorite films – with Slap Shot as a close second – “Old-time hockey!!!”

  • Larry Mansier

    Cool Hand Luke and The Sting

  • ADH

    The Long Hot Summer and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

  • norma kate

    A fav: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?
    like ‘JC’ luv Slap Shot

  • Larry

    Everyone’s choices so far merely serve to demonstrate that Mr. Newman appeared in so many significant films it’s hard to choose! So I’ll start with his second theatrical movie, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” (although being a fan or robe-and-sandal epics, I like his first, “The Silver Chalice,” too!).

  • Larry

    P.S. I am too young to have remembered seeing any of his early television work, but it would be interesting to see some of that work now.

  • Alpon

    Always self-deprecating off the screen, and remembered as being a faithful husband, and regular guy. I love his quote with regard to his wife -> “Why go out for a hamburger when I have steak at home”. Living in New Haven (Woodbridge) CT, I regret never meeting him in or near his Wesport CT home.

  • Murray Bandel

    The Verdict was absolutely Newman’s best acting in film. He shows range of emotions and there is almost no hint of Paul himself.

  • Joan

    Hands down for Cool Hand Luke.

  • ann

    Cool Hand Luke and The Verdict. And what a great guy. His life was as varied and eclectic as his movie roles. Race car driver, Creator of Charitable Causes and a local resident who really cared, knew the community cared about him and returned the love.

  • cliff

    absence of malice, along with cool hand luke were my paul newman favorite films after watching the hustler for the first time.