Discussion: “The New Year Parade” is a contemporary example of ‘docu-fiction’

Posted: January 8, 2010
Medium Cool

Medium Cool

What film is your favorite blending of fiction and real life/documentary? Richard Pena’s docu-fiction “must-see” is Haskell Wexler’s 1969 classic, Medium Cool.

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  • Nikki

    This is a tough category to narrow down. Top of my list of docu-dramas would have to be Costa-Gavras’ 1982 film “Missing,” then George Clooney’s “Good Night and Good Luck,” Kevin Macdonald’s “The last King Of Scotland,” Mike Nichols “Silkwood,” “In Cold Blood,” Sidney Lumet’s “Serpico,” “Hotel Rwanda,” “North Country,” “Conrack,” “Raid on Entebbe,” “Not With My Daughter,” “Sybil,” “Norma Rae,” “Quiz Show,” and “All the President’s Men.”

  • JoanieB

    I think Michael Moore’s films if these films fit in the category and “Forrest Gump”, “All the President’s Men” and the classic film “Serpico” maybe even the Godfather part II demonstrates the use of docu-fiction to some extent.

  • Lito Sheppard

    The best uses of fictional style to tell essentially true stories would be PATTON and DOG DAY AFTERNOON. RAID ON ENTEBBE is perhaps the best in the made-for-TV subcategory.

    The best use of documentary style (and historical footage) to tell a fictional tale is ZELIG, Woody Allen’s masterpiece.

  • Rhoda Miller

    I just saw the trailer and it’s weird. In Philly it’s called the Mummers Parade, not the New Year’s Parade – ok it needs to be understood outside Philadelphia – but the Mummers Parade takes place in January. They are wearing summer clothes.

  • darryl

    I think some people misunderstood docu-fiction? ” The New Year Parade” mixes reality with fiction by putting actors in real situations and using real footage of actual events.”Medium Cool”by Haskell Wexler is a great example of this .Another great director who paved the way for this type of film is Morris Engel “Little Fugitive” , ” Lovers and Lolipops”, “Weddings and Babies” and “I Need A Ride To California”. Another great film done in this docu-fiction style is Lional Rogeson’s “On The Bowery”.