Discussion: Stage to Screen Adaptations

Posted: February 21, 2012

Screenwriter Arthur Laurents

Screenwriter Arthur Laurents

Anastasia was adapted from a stage play by screenwriter Arthur Laurents. What is your favorite screen adaptation of a play? Reel 13 Classics host Neal Gabler likes His Girl Friday (1940), adapted from “The Front Page.”

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  • Robert Elden

    To my way of thinking, the 1960 film adaptation by Nedrick Young and Harold Jacob Smith, of Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee’s 1955 play, “Inherit the Wind,” certainly ranks among the top 10 transfers of a major dramatic stage production to the silver screen. The play, directed ny Margo Jones, opened to great acclaim at the National Theater (now the Nederlander) starring Paul Muni and Ed Begley in the major roles. I for one, had my doubts about a successful screen adaptation, but thankfully they were laid to rest by Stanley Kramer’s outstanding film production. The film’s stars, Spencer Tracy and Fredric March were every bit as powerful in their portrayals as compared to the Broadway actors. Brilliant play! Brilliant film!

  • Pearl Altman

    Several wonderful movies come to mind–The Glass
    Menagerie, Life With Father, The Teahouse of the August Moon. But the movie that I find tops is The Heiress with superlative acting and a
    great musical score.

  • Sandra Calemine

    For me, the classic of all stage to screen adaptations is “Streetcar Named Desire”. Superb in every aspect.