Discussion: Singin’ in the Rain Transcends Genre

Posted: February 24, 2009

Many people who normally can’t stand musicals still regard Singin’ in the Rain as a favorite. It’s often said that the film “transcends” its genre. What do you think it is about this film that hooks these people? Whether it’s Meet Me in St. Louis or Mamma Mia!, are there other musicals that do “transcend the genre” for you?

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  • Daniel Ross

    I asked Andy Blankenbuehler, a Broadway choreographer, this same question. He had an interesting response. I’m going to post it in the blog tomorrow. Stay tuned.

  • Daniel Ross
  • BenInBrooklyn

    because Gene Kelly is dreamy

  • Jared

    I think musical audiences are so sharply divided because you can either buy in to the fantasy of everyone spontaneously breaking into song and dance, or you don’t.

    You’d think that only literalists would take issue with musicals, but I have a few friends who LOVE fantasy epics like 300, but hate musicals because they think they’re unbelievable. Who knows how that works?