Discussion – Physical Comedies

Posted: January 15, 2011
Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

Stanley Kramer intended for IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD to be a comedy to end all comedies.

What is your favorite physical comedy?  Neal Gabler looks to the early days of film, and counts Buster Keaton’s SHERLOCK JR. and THE GENERAL among his own favorites.

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  • rayban

    As far as physical comedies go, I happen to have a few – “Battling Butler” with Buster Keaton (1926), “The Navigator” again with Buster Keaton (1924), “Mon Oncle” with Jacques Tati and Jean-Pierre Zola (1958) and “The Bride Goes Wild” with that sublime duo of Van Johnson and June Allyson (1948). (I also have a fondness for two Jacques Tati films that I would only recommend for their failed grandiosity, but which are still the films of a huge, huge talent – “Playtime” (1967) and “Traffic (1972)).

  • Marc Azada

    Battling Butler is one of the best physical comedy films I’ve seen so far. The characters are so funny. I hope they can make a remake of this movie.