Discussion – Peter Sellers Movies

Posted: February 12, 2011
Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer in 'Shot in the Dark' (1964)

Peter Sellers and Elke Sommer in 'A Shot in the Dark' (1964)

What is your favorite Peter Sellers movie?  Neal Gabler loves A SHOT IN THE DARK.

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  • MTS

    “Being There”: I’m a very serious gardener.

  • Fblumberg

    I like to watch!

  • Nair

    “After the Fox”

  • Nathaniel


  • Edward

    I LOVE “After the Fox” – a movie about movies and a little heist – GREAT music too.

  • ltiefer

    I’m All Right, Jack. Unforgettable.

  • anthony armatti

    Without a doubt STRANGELOVE!!!!!