Discussion: Native American Indies

Posted: October 10, 2011

Powwow Highway (1989)

Powwow Highway (1989)

In the North America, Native Americans have also begun to become part of the independent film scene. What’s your favorite “Native American indie”? Reel 13 Indies host Richard Pena has fond memories of Jonathan Wacks’ Powwow Highway, although that was actually a British production made by Handmade Films, George Harrison’s old outfit.

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  • NiceGuyEddie

    Are there really enough to choose from? Two good ones are Smoke Signals and El Notre.

  • Dennis Doros

    Sherman Alexie’s THE BUSINESS OF FANCYDANCING (a much underrated film) and ATANAJURAT by Zacarias Kanuk. And if you include films with heavy Native American involvement in telling their stories, then Kent Mackenzie’s THE EXILES and Edward S. Curtis’ IN THE LAND OF THE HEADHUNTERS.

  • Gale

    Yes, I agree with both of these posts. All the films mentioned are terrific. I just wish there were more opportunities for American Indian films. We need to see their point of view. They need to be given exposure for their creative genius.

  • Gale

    Any chance of Thirteen airing “Powwow Highway?”

  • Virginia Slater

    Best Native American Indies, my choice, “Smoke Signals” 1998