Discussion: Favorite Steve McQueen movie?

Posted: May 18, 2012
Still of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape (1963)

Still of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape (1963)

What is your favorite Steve McQueen movie? Reel 13 Classics host Neal Gabler picks The Great Escape (1963).

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  • Kate Blackledge

    I agree with Neak Gabker – Great Escape is the best followed by Papillion.

  • patricia mcgrath

    one of my favoritrs was Love with the proper stranger.

  • Don Gordon

    I agree that the Great Escape and Papillion were great movies, and they showed the broad range of Steve McQueen’s talent. However, when it comes to car chase scenes, BULLITT is the all time best. You fell as if you are in the car(s) and the soundtrack is realistic and phenomenal.